Two-thirds of professional women return to work after a career break in lower-paid or lower-skilled roles...

It is outrageous that this is still the case in the modern world, but it is something I encounter every day in the world of recruitment. Some of the best untapped talent out there are women who want to return to work after time off or maternity leave, however, more often than not these women struggle to find roles that equate to their capabilities and talents. Earlier this year it took me 9 months to find a role for one of the most capable female actuaries I have ever worked with. Why? Because she took 2 years off to have children and relocate them back to the UK following a sabbatical. Her knowledge is fantastic, she comes across fantastically well, and she had kept up to date with changes within the industry. There is no more she could have done.

Having said that, there are some fantastic commitments currently being undertaken/implemented by a variety of firms aiming to establish a certain percentage of women into senior positions by a particular date, a brilliant example of this being L&G who have committed to 50/50 by 2020. Firms are also becoming more and more flexible in their working arrangements, whether it is job shares for women who cannot commit to 5 days a week or flexi hours so they can start early and leave early.

If you are a woman who is keen to get back into work and have a life actuarial background, please do not hesitate to get in touch.