There are a whole range of emotions during an interview; some dread them, some panic at the mention of the word, some talk too much, or not enough, some don't know what to say, or wear, what to prepare and a small minority of people love them. 

This article by Dave Kerpen gives some obvious do not's and you would be amazed at what people do wrong. It tends to be young and inexperienced candidates but that doesn't mean experienced people don't make howlers too. Some of the worst we have had;

1. Lent a suit to a candidate for his interview.

2. A candidate hugged his backpack the whole way through an interview as he was so scared. 

3. I met a candidate after his interview and he hadn't wiped the chocolate croissant off his face from breakfast! He was adamant he has nailed the interview until I pointed that out. 

4. A senior underwriter when asked about his hobbies; said his DIY was banned by his wife as he was so dreadful at it but grew marijuana in the garden now.  

5. A broker required medical assistance after the interview because he had a late night. 

6. Possibility the greatest case of mistaken identity in an interview was by the BBC and here is the video

If you are unsure about preparation, nervous, anxious and want some preparation, please just ask we would love to help you.