Having helped 133 people join the Bank of England in the last six years I don't think this article is a true representation of the Bank of England. The Bank is like no other business, it is unique in so many ways and a truly special place to work!

The statistic 42% might be accurate but what it doesn't tell you is that hiring managers "sell" to interviewees that they can come to the Bank for 2/3 years in a long term secondment and if it isn't for them then they can return to industry, very few do! 

It doesn't tell you that you can have upto 38 days holiday, a pension that is so big that I constantly have to tell candidates that yes they have heard it correctly. Where else could you be on the treadmill at lunchtime and look next to you to see the Governor of the Bank of England aka the George Clooney of Finance pounding out the miles.

Don't even get me started on how good the work life balance is at The Bank of England. Very few of the 133 people we have helped join the Bank of England ever considered it before we told them more about it and only one who regretted making the move.

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